Tuesday, January 29, 2013

8x10 Instant Film


So a good friend of ours, Justin Goode, recently started a great, great group in Dallas, TX. Called the Instant Film Society. All based on the usage of instant film! Like Polaroids. Remember those? They totally still exist. And while we’ve been shooting with them recently for fun, we got the chance to go to the society’s latest meetup, and get two 8×10 Polaroids shot of us. Which was amazing! For those that don’t know this already, it’s basically a once in a lifetime opportunity for some people… So we obviously had to be there for that.
Above are the shots of Daniel and I! They were $20 per image, so we had one chance to attempt to not look totally dumb. And I think that we pulled it off slightly, haha. To make this post slightly more interesting, I thought that we’d throw some cell phone collage images from the afternoon below too. It was a blast, and we definitely can’t wait for the next meetup!

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