Thursday, April 19, 2012



Your photo shoot with Package Design is tomorrow, please prepare your equipment list and make sure you get it to the equipment room early, if you need a signature I will be at school from 1 to 2pm.  I will  open C 414 Friday morning around 8am so come in early and set up.  You will turn in a dvd with all your images please make a folder for your final selects, the dvd should also contain a invoice addressed to your client, this should be handed in on 4/27/12 by 10am. Images should also be posted on the blog.
During our session Pat Henry will deliver the dolls for the Ad Design project, she will require about 15 minutes  to instruct you on how to handle them. Bring a set of white gloves to handle the dolls

Your work from last Fridays photo shoot should be posted on the class blog and you should give me a dvd or cd with the images and a complete invoice, the invoice should be addresses to your client. The invoice should include your letterhead, fee and expenses.

Self portraits were due last week, please bring in the prints tomorrow . Images should also be posted on the blog.

The Vanity Fair Project is due 4/27/12. Hand in a dvd  in a plastic jewel case. Inside the dvd you should have the three components of this project, plus a invoice addressed to your client. Remember presentation is important !!!!!!

The Advertising Design project will be shot on 4/27/12 and will be due 4/30/12

You final book project needs to be ready by 5/11. This is the date for your final presentation to industry.

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