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  1. " Photography is a magical thing" - Jacques-Henri Lartique

    We are a sixth semester photography class from Fashion Institute of Technology but we are more than a class, we are a photographic community that is made up of students from different backgrounds, cultures and languages but they all share a love of creating photographic images. This group is here to share, to educate, to enlighten and most of all to make a difference.
    Our purpose is to create images and to inspire our peers and others to do the same. This journey has just begun, follow our vision and let it motivate and inspire.

  2. BlissPR Photography Contest
    BlissPR, a boutique marketing communications firm specializing in professional services, financial services and healthcare, is seeking to commission a photography contest for the art adorning the walls of its renovated NYC office.
    Criteria: The requirement is for multiple large-scale, brightly colored images which will adorn four conference rooms and two public spaces in the office. The images can be a series or a single theme or can each be stand-alone pieces that maintain a flow from one to the next. The overall style and subject matter is unrestricted with the understanding of upholding an appropriate level of art for a corporate public relations environment. The pieces must be digital and colorful; no black and white images will be accepted. We are a dynamic and creative marketing communications shop but our clients are bankers, lawyers, consultants, entrepreneurs and academics.
    Judging: art must be submitted in digital format and will be judged by the staff at BlissPR.
    The Winner: The winning pieces will be printed by BlissPR and displayed in the company’s new corporate offices at 500 Fifth Avenue in New York City beginning April 2012. The winner will receive recognition on the company website and at the offices with a printed bio on the wall, be featured in a press release about the contest, and be given a $500 cash prize.
    Submissions: Images should be submitted in digital format to no later than March 1, 2012. Copyright will stay with the artist but the printed images will be the property of BlissPR.
    Questions: please contact Lara Martin or Cortney Stapleton or

    1. Ladies and gentlemen, do not pass this up! It is a great chance for one or a couple of you to get some exposure and make a little money. But most of all you are dealing with a PR firm that uses a lot of photographs and photographer, so network!

  3. Photography Videos
    YouTube - Videos from this email


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